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Leather Boho Sandals(with a secret)_Burgundy Red Lace & Tassels



Handmade Greek leather sandals, Boho Style with a 'secret' behind them!
The lace is burgundy red silk, with cream flowers & hand-stitched white onyx beads. The tassels are beige cotton with burgundy red thread.
Please contact me in order to get more information about the 'secret'!

The new collection is inspired by my need for variety & economy at the same time.

The sandals are not mass-produced via factory or machinery, so every pair is handmade for you, with excellent quality leather, which comes from the island of Crete, well-known for it's exquisite leather. They are very comfortable & appropriate for a lot of walking! The laces are also hand-stitched & processed by me, the designer, by hand & by taking care of every detail, before you wear them! They are simple so that you can combine them easily with your clothes & follow the latest fashion trends.

With your order please check the size of your feet. Stand on a paper, mark the tip of your first big toe & the middle of your heel. Measure the distance between these two marks and please send me a message with the measurement. If it is too much trouble, just stand on a measure & calculate your foot size from the first big toe until the middle of your heel.

You can visit the following link to see the sizes conversion: