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Fragkiski Jewellery

  Established in 2003, on a sun drenched island in Greece by Fragkiski Palaiologou, the jewellery of Fragkiski is new to the UK market. Offering exquisitely crafted handmade jewellery & sandals, using unusual materials, gems and fabrics,“Fragkiski Jewellery” has arrived in London with a burst of rainbow colours. 

  Inspired by the colours of  nature and the sparkle of the Greek way of life, the collection combines Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones of vibrant colours, precious metals, with elegant silk ribbons and cords, offering unique pieces with a touch of fun and whimsy. 

 The collection includes:

_ Its signature range of silk covered, “juicy” red cherries suspended from gossamer fine silk  ribbons, with their complementary earrings.
                _“Playful” silk cords in rainbow colours, dotted with sweet miniature charms of secret keys,
metallic hearts and bright-coloured stars. 
                                  _“Bubble” polyester beads in plenty of colours, blended with colourful tulles in a playful way, or hanging from various chains. Their uniqueness is that every pair has two different earrings and colours can be mixed and matched.
            _“Rainbow” coloured glass beads.                                                                   

_“Delightful” hand-stitched fabrics                               

_ “Shapes” of elegant beads, Swarovski crystals & silver pieces.

_ “Cascades” of Swarovski crystals, silver or gold plated pieces.

Jewellery from the “Juicy” & the “Playful” collections, are launched at the Benaki* Museum Shop, in Athens/ Greece.


Quote: 'My collection combines my love for hand crafting jewellery with my love of colour and my outlook on life: a jigsaw puzzle with colourful pieces trying to fit into the right place and make us happy' says Fragkiski Palaiologou,  the founder of “Fragkiski Jewellery”.

  Released in the UK on a limited basis, the collections range from £10.00 - £150.00 and some of the designs are made in limited quantities, due to the unusual nature of the materials and the hand-stitching.

Reactions from the buying public have been 'They are fun & adorable!'  ‘They are interesting & unique…I wish I had your skills!’, 'They are original & definitely cheered me up'


* The Benaki Museum ranks among the major institutions that have enriched the material assets of the Greek state. It is
also the oldest museum in Greece operating as a Foundation under Private Law.
   The most important photographic, historical, performing art and Neohellenic architecture archives, focusing on the history 
of the Greek nation, are established at the Benaki Museum. 
   The permanent collections are also very important and illustrate the character of the Greek world through the spectacular
 historical panorama. 
   In addition, a lot of temporary exhibitions of famous local & international artists take place and attract plenty of visitors. 

  For additional information, or to place an order, please contact Fragkiski on +44(0)780 535 4702, or at fragkiski.p@gmail.com