Silver Cat Bracelet with Red Tassels_"Black Cat for Luck"



Handmade black patina silver cat bracelet, with red(burgundy red, fuchsia) thread, red(burgundy red, fuchsia) cotton tassels & hematite grey beads.
The cat is 1,8cm x 1cm. The size is adjustable. When it is open the maximum the diameter is, is approx. 8cm-9cm.
Please feel free to ask customization for smaller or bigger sizes.
It comes on a small card with cat footprints & is gift wrapped in a craft small paper bag, with Christmas decoration(wooden tree for example).

The story behind this bracelet..
Although there are still people believing that the black cat is bad luck, there are numerous superstitions where a black cat portends good luck! In many Asian countries, owning a black cat is considered to be luck. In England, as well, a black cat is good luck. In Scotland, if a black cat appears on your doorstep, is a sign of future prosperity. In Japan many single women seek for a black cat as this cat is believed to bring many lovers. In ancient Egypt, the black cat personified the goddess Bast & was believed to bring good luck too!

The inspiration for this design came to me after offering hospitality for a while to a black cat, that brought in my life good luck & happiness!
Through away the superstitions about the black cats, that only bring good fortune in our lives!